23 October 2014

Everything in its right place.

After nearly 10 solid years of maintaining this classroom blog, I am now putting it to rest.  It is sad in a way, considering how popular this was back in the early days of social media - void of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the myriad of web tools out there today. I have migrated to Google Classroom, as I continue surfing the precocious wave of educational evolution.  I hope to run into you soon!

29 September 2014

Today was the annual pond water investigation. We drew and analyzed samples from Mr DeVoe's and Mr. Rhoads' ponds. So far, both are pretty rich with biodiversity!

22 April 2014

21 January 2014

In Food, Land, and You, a group will soon begin construction on an IBC tote to grow Tilapia and leafy greens to illustrate the nitrogen cycle. We're researching options on line and are excited to get started!

09 January 2014

The 7th graders are currently doing a unit on bacteria and viruses. We sampled some areas from around the classroom to grow a variety of bacteria colonies. We also are trying to see whether or not certain spices will inhibit bacteria growth from a sample taken from Mr. DeVoe's face! Here, students sterilize their inoculation loops for sampling.

12 December 2013

Groton Public Library Presentations

Below are the presentations for student solutions to "Mitigate the Groton Food Desert."  A special Congratulations to William, Mackenzie, and Chelsea for coming out to present theirs to an audience. Theirs are posted first followed by the rest of the presentations.

The following will require you to log in with a GCS Google Account and will not be accessible to people outside of this domain.

 Meadow and Shania

Dillon, Kyle, Michael

David, Kathleen, Sabrina, Jacob

09 December 2013

Wednesday night at 7pm, the Groton Public Library will be hosting a night of presentations from members of the class "Food, Land, and You" as they present ideas to "Mitigate the Groton Food Desert". The above Prezi is from a group that is unable to attend. Please join us!

04 December 2013

Influencing the rate of photosynthesis!

18 November 2013

A nice Voicethread from a group in 7th period...

29 October 2013

Cell Resources

Use the following resources to develop your Voicethread on Cellular Organelles:
Utah Genetics Site
Cells Alive
Ask a Biologist

Voicethread Login:
Period 1
Period 7
Period 3

28 October 2013

I want to share this amazing presentation by a group in 5th period Food, Land, and You! The topic is on CSAs and Farmers' Markets. The link is below but you'll have to sign in with your Groton Google Account. https://docs.google.com/a/groton.cnyric.org/presentation/d/1h-JSIuFQ0q_G0HqTusZISg57JVQG1B5aVnVg7lG-iAg/edit?usp=sharing

22 October 2013

This week I ordered a genetic testing kit from 23andMe and am excited to see if I am a carrier of any inherited genetic disorders! I'll also see if I am at risk of any potential diseases/disorders in the future. On top of that, it'll also track my human heritage back several thousand years...excited to share the results with the classes. $99 well spent!

10 September 2013

Alex and Joel record their slug observations using the dissecting microscope during Day 1 of the slug lab.

16 August 2013

After a somewhat-frustrating year last year (mainly because of technology problems) I am excited about the potential this year holds. I went to a couple workshops this summer around the idea of Project-Based-Learning and 21st Century Skills. I've always been an advocate of these ideas, but I've learned more about how to successfully implement these into the classroom. Now in its 9th year, I will continue to publish stories, student work, and all things science from this blog. This year I will be teaching 2 sections of 9th grade Biology, 2 of "Food, Land, and You", and 1 of 7th grade Life Science....so there should be plenty to report out! Looking forward to a good year!

03 June 2013

Excellent Prezi on the Emerald Ash Borer by Tristen!

20 May 2013

The Biology Regents Exam is the afternoon of 11 June!

I will hold review sessions on Bdays during lunch in my room starting after Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope to see you there!