25 May 2011

Today we played "Hungry Birds" in class. Not every member of this species was equal though. Variations in beak structure gave some an advantage to illustrate the process of natural selection.

20 May 2011

Taking temperature and pH readings from various depths of Cayuga Lake.

Two great days on the Cayuga Lake floating classroom! Here, a group gets ready to collect aquatic insects in Salmon Creek.

07 May 2011

Today, some members of the middle school environmental club participated in the annual Adopt-a-highway cleanup. What great weather as well! Thank you Courtney, Austin, Luke, Sam, and Colton. You helped make Groton more beautiful.

06 May 2011

We finally got some good weather and mud-free banks on the Owasco Inlet to let our Browns go. We released them this morning in the midst of a midge hatch...nature's reassurance that our little guys will be properly fed! We're all looking forward to the upcoming Floating Classroom trip on May 19 and 20.

05 May 2011

Today in class we will be learning more about genetics and DNA.

Step 1: Open another tab in explorer. Run though this groovy animation about apples. Please pay attention and read the descriptions carefully.

Step 2: On the same tab bring up this website.

Step 3: Now, tour the six animations at the top of this page.

You're done for the day.

02 May 2011

In between rain, we've been planting trees that were donated to the school from the DEC and Baker-Miller Lumber. Here, members of 1st period plant pine trees next to the track.