07 May 2011

Today, some members of the middle school environmental club participated in the annual Adopt-a-highway cleanup. What great weather as well! Thank you Courtney, Austin, Luke, Sam, and Colton. You helped make Groton more beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Devoe,
Thank You For donating those trees! Did you know it is too wet for local farmers to plant right now? Don't forget, our skits are friday 13th at 10:30. Hope you can come. Thank you again for the support on these skits. Signed

Nikiah Hakes said...

i soooo wish i could have helped but my friend from sarycuse was coming down and 10 30 am for my birthday. if she didnt come down i would have helped. thank you to the people that did help!!!!!!

Colton said...

Hey, i went to that and i think people thought it was going to be boring, but acually it was reaaly fun.
PS. i found a feather and turned it into a pen.

Taryn said...

Good job, you are saving the trees. one at a time ! :)