21 September 2012

Introducing The Groton Student Farm!  Members of this year's elective, Food, Land, and You are busy and have big plans for this huge experiment.  Stay tuned for more details!
I had to share this awesome Prezi by Camille for her slug lab writeup.

13 September 2012


Interested in impacting your local community, while developing key employment skills?  The Sustainability Internship Program, a feature of The Sustainability Center, is gearing up for Fall placements! We are matching students from local institutions of higher education with non-profit organizations and green businesses to complete sustainability projects here in Tompkins County, specifically work that addresses one or more of the following:
  • Transportation Alternatives
  • Waste Diversion and Reduction
  • Community Engagement and Social Justice
  • Energy / Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Community Health
  • Smart Development / Green Building
  • Natural Resource Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture/Local Food

Check out the internships we have available at:
If you’re interested in applying, please submit your resume and a letter of inquiry, by Friday, Sept. 21st, to: Jackie@sustainabilitycentertc.org or drop off a hard copy to my attention at the Tompkins County Planning Department, 121 E. Court Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 (Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 4 PM).
IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW:  During your participation as a STUDENT in the Sustainability Internship Program, we are asking that you commit to the following: 1) Participation in one Introductory Meeting / Orientation;   2) Completion of one pre- and one post-internship survey;   3) On-going communication with your host supervisor and lastly 4) Participation in a Celebration Event at the end of the semester honoring and showcasing projects completed through the program.
Haven’t heard of The Sustainability Center before? That’s because we’re new! If you’ve ever tried to navigate the spectacular sea of sustainability-focused businesses, non-profits and events in our area, perhaps you’ve been inspired, but a little overwhelmed. The Sustainability Center will help you find your way!
Our mission:  The Sustainability Center will create, in the center of the community, a physical space from which to promote community-wide sustainability efforts in Tompkins County, through public engagement, service learning, and partnership with local green businesses, non-profits and leaders in the field.
So, when can you use this new resource?! We expect to move into our temporary home in downtown Ithaca at the end of 2012! Shortly thereafter, the Center will have open hours of operation during which you can check out our sustainability gallery and programming. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.
In the meantime, we hope you’ll jump into the community and help a local non-profit or green business complete a sustainability project!!

12 September 2012

Here we are starting the traditional 1st major lab of the year...the slug lab. Students are designing their own experiments to see what types of food slugs prefer to eat.

04 September 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome to another school year!  Hopefully the summer has left you recharged and ready to start a new chapter of your life.  Below is a link to a cool article.  Please read and be ready to discuss.