31 July 2007

Today we hiked over two miles to a pond off of the old railroad tracks. We sampled the Owasco Inlet for frogs, minnows, and insects and got a cool look at them under the microscope. We also learned, through a GPS unit, that Owasco Inlet is 10 feet higher in elevation at the pond than it is in downtown Groton, where we started. We also learned that Owasco Inlet is about 300 feet higher in Groton than it is in Moravia, where it flows into Owasco Lake.

30 July 2007

Today was the first day of the Groton Youth Department's summer science camp for kids in elementary and middle school. We started the day off with some activities dealing with bats but spent most of the day looking for aquatic insects in Owasco Inlet. We found a lot of cool caddisfly larvae, some stonefly and mayfly larvae, as well as a couple water pennies. Tomorrow we will be sampling some fish that live in this stretch of the stream as well.