23 October 2014

Everything in its right place.

After nearly 10 solid years of maintaining this classroom blog, I am now putting it to rest.  It is sad in a way, considering how popular this was back in the early days of social media - void of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the myriad of web tools out there today. I have migrated to Google Classroom, as I continue surfing the precocious wave of educational evolution.  I hope to run into you soon!

29 September 2014

Today was the annual pond water investigation. We drew and analyzed samples from Mr DeVoe's and Mr. Rhoads' ponds. So far, both are pretty rich with biodiversity!

22 April 2014

21 January 2014

In Food, Land, and You, a group will soon begin construction on an IBC tote to grow Tilapia and leafy greens to illustrate the nitrogen cycle. We're researching options on line and are excited to get started!

09 January 2014

The 7th graders are currently doing a unit on bacteria and viruses. We sampled some areas from around the classroom to grow a variety of bacteria colonies. We also are trying to see whether or not certain spices will inhibit bacteria growth from a sample taken from Mr. DeVoe's face! Here, students sterilize their inoculation loops for sampling.