31 October 2008

What a busy day today in class. First it was Halloween, so I dressed up as Ms. Bassette and Koda made an appearance. We got our brown trout eggs...about 70 of them. They are all in the Alevin stage of development. Lastly we got good looks at rotifers under the microscopes. This micrograph was taken under low power (100x) on our new Jenco microscopes with a Moticam 1000 It was a pretty successful day. Remember we have a microscope test Monday. See the previous post for good review games.

29 October 2008

This is the 400th post on Grotonsciencegeek. Thanks to everyone that has viewed and left comment over the past 3 years. Today we spent in the lab looking at pond water under the microscopes. TYLER and BEN get a good look through one of our brand new microscopes that Groton received late last year through a grant. The second picture shows a dragonfly nymph that was found by SHYASIA D.
Today we also did the final preparations for our trout tank. We will be receiving about 100 Brown Trout eggs on Friday to raise and release into the Owasco lake watershed. Here, REID B. and KELLY B. do a pH test to make sure the trout have a safe transition. Ongoing coverage from ours and other schools can be found here.

27 October 2008

We've been working with microscopes in class and CALI G. brought a really good website to my attention. You may want to check out these games as you begin to study for next week's microscope test.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4

22 October 2008

This week we started our microscope unit. Here, McKayla and Peyton are in the middle of the "e" lab where they learned that the microscope produces images that are upside down and backwards from the original. Remember we have a quiz on Friday and many cool microscope labs coming up in the next couple weeks.

20 October 2008

This is a reminder that Saturday is Insectapalooza 2008 at Cornell University. This is a great way to learn more about insects and see an amazing diversity of the world's most numerous animal. If you happen to go make sure you bring back proof that you went so I can give you extra credit. Hopefully I'll see some of you there.

A campus map is available here.

15 October 2008

Soon to come to 7th grade science... brown trout! Groton is one of 6 local schools that will be participating in the Trout Unlimited "Trout in the Classroom" project. We will raise roughly 120 brown trout from eggs in a tank and release them into Owasco Inlet in the spring. All of the equipment and tank were provided through a multi-thousand dollar grant awarded by the Triad Foundation. Groton has received nearly $1000 in equipment for this program, which will culminate with a spring field trip to Cayuga Lake on the Floating Classroom. Mr. Giroux, Mr. Rhoads, and Bill Foster (of the Floating Classroom) will be working very closely with us on this project. We'll be setting up the tank tonight and the eggs will be arriving by the end of this month!

09 October 2008

Another day of classification. Today we classified creatures and created dichotomous keys for several common critters.

08 October 2008

Wow! Look at the size of the winter squash that 9th period picked from the garden. Not only did we harvest about 12 of these guys from the school garden but we also picked 2 big bags of fresh carrots for the cafeteria.

07 October 2008

Today we classified Teddy Grahams by certain characteristics much like how scientists classify living things into categories. Above, SARAH, CHRIS, and SHYASIA show off their Teddys.

03 October 2008

We've been discussing the classification of living things in class and to start out this chapter we did a short activity on classifying nuts and bolts into groups based of similar and different characteristics. Above, JOSH, TRISTIN, and ZACH work on their assortment.

02 October 2008

Here is something I wanted to throw out to those of you that are creative and innovative. Google, the company that runs the world, is offering millions of dollars to people that have good ideas. They want to fund your good idea. There aren't many rules except that your idea has to improve the lives of many people. CNN has a story about this. If you have an idea you can submit it to Google. Feel free to come in at Rec. if you want to discuss your idea and maybe I can help you.

01 October 2008

Groton Central School has been named the Go Green Initiative School of the Week. Treehugger also had a small write-up about this. Thank you to everyone that recycles their papers and composts during lunch and breakfast. Together we're making Groton one of the "greenest" schools in the state! Be sure to check out the excellent write-up that Zoe Francis from Go Green did through the first link above.