29 October 2007

Here is a great website to help study for Friday's test. Please check it out and answer the questions. If you understand this website you will be in good shape for the test. The answers are at the bottom.

24 October 2007

Today was the first day of Tri-Sci, the monthly girls science club put on by Cornell's school of nanotechnology. Today we used laptops to learn more about DNA, RNA, and proteins. Hopefully you all enjoyed this first meeting. The first field trip will be coming up in December. Remember to get your sheets signed and handed in to Mr. DeVoe.
This morning I walked into class and "Boris" magically appeared in front of me. Thanks (I think) to high school junior, ERIC S. for donating his pet iguana to our class. Now Roy has a friend other than the cockroaches.

23 October 2007

Today we had our monthly character education group. This month's word was responsibility. We broke into groups to construct towers at least 5 ft tall. Our group wanted more and as you can see, they grew pretty tall.

22 October 2007

Way to go HANNAH G, OLIVIA P., ERIC P., and ASHLEY J. for checking out Cornell's Insectapalooza over the weekend! Each student got extra credit for attending.

19 October 2007

Since the weather was so warm today we toured the nature trail in search of decomposers and discussed why leaves change color in the fall. Above are pictures from first and second period. Cornell University senior, AUGUSTA M. has been working with us and accompanied us on the hike.

16 October 2007

New menu item? Nope. Mr. Gambitta brought in a crop and gizzard from a turkey so we performed an autopsy to figure out what the bird was eating the morning it was bagged. Looks like corn and some unidentified leaf. Honestly, this has a higher "yuck factor" than the disections we will do later this year. If you didn't think this was bad, you'll be fine later on.

13 October 2007

Students and Parents,

I added an extra credit opportunity under the Downloads section to the right. I will be going over this more on Monday so you know how to do it right. This will be a great way to boost up those 5 week grades if you weren't happy. Also, MyGradeBook will be updated tomorrow (Sunday).

12 October 2007

Members of 8th period work on their Teddy Bear classification lab. Students sorted out their bears by certain characteristics, much like how scientists sort out the diversity of life on Earth. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

04 October 2007

Today we began taxonomy (classification of life). Students sorted a "cup of junk" based on certain characteristics their group agreed on. Above, several grotonsciencegeeks take on this task.

Today we also talked about Cornell's annual Insectapalooza. You'll get extra credit if you go but remember you must have proof (like a picture). Directions and maps can be found here.