29 September 2008

Today we picked some of the carrots and probably the last picking of summer squash and string beans for the year. Hopefully everyone is selecting the fresh produce at lunch if you buy. Be on the lookout for more carrots this week and next.

24 September 2008

It's official...our chinchilla's new name is Xena (pronounced Zeena). Thanks for voting. Results are here.

23 September 2008

Shelby and Miranda work on their vocabulary sheets from yesterday. Like I said in class, we will have a vocabulary quiz next week on the words we have been covering. The words I would cover (cough, cough) include Lipids, Cell, Asexual reproduction, Homeostasis, Stimulus, ATP, Producers, Proteins, Heredity, and Consumers.

21 September 2008

I was in Montreal this weekend representing Ithaca while I checked out my favorite band, Sigur ros, play live on the waterfront. I also did a little geocaching while I was up there. What a cool city...but I wish I knew a little more French.We had a nice spot which was conducive to a few good pictures during their 1.5 hr set.

This video was from their documentary "Heima" which gives you an idea of how amazing and truly unique they are.

18 September 2008

One of my biggest composters, CASEY S. dumps Wednesday's scraps into the bin. This year we are shooting for a goal of at least 300 lbs of food scraps a week between the two schools. This would be approximately 12,000 lbs of waste diverted from the landfill. Please remember to do your part at lunch and breakfast.

15 September 2008

Look at that fresh produce! Today CASEY S., BRANDON L., COURTNEY J., and SAVANNAH W. helped with compost duty and after we picked vegetables for the cafeteria. Here, the 6th graders get a taste of fresh carrots behind the string beans and squash we picked.

Results Here

11 September 2008

I saw some great little scientists today during Slugfest 2008. I loved the use of creativity in setting up and carrying out an experiment to learn more about the feeding preferences of slugs. Here, TRISTIN and DAYMIN check out the specimens before class. Make sure you check out Cameron's podcast on the right.

10 September 2008

Today we started Slugfest 2008 with research and observations of our specimens. Please start thinking about what sort of experiment you want to set up tomorrow. Remember good experiments have a control and test one variable at a time.

09 September 2008

Our first lab of the year! Today we used the scientific method to determine what happens to milk when you add vinegar to it. Here AYLA, MAYGIN, KASSIDY, and DANIELLE practice accurate measuring techniques during their experiment. Tomorrow we start Slugfest 2008.

08 September 2008

Dear Parents,

On Friday, 12 September we will have our 2nd annual middle school boys campout inside the GCS track. Interested students will take part in a campfire dinner, participate in leadership activities with the help of SUNY Cortland students, and get to know their new teachers outside of the classroom. Students may bring in a tent, team up with friends that have a tent, or sleep under the sky. In the event of rain, all activities will be moved into the middle school gym. In that case no tent will be needed, just a sleeping bag or blankets. Below is the schedule for the evening:

3:30pm – 4:25pm: Return to school with tent, sleeping bag, sneakers, toothbrush, flashlight, a watch, warm clothes and any other desired items – set up sleeping area.

Students staying right after school MUST stay in the cafeteria until they are escorted outside

4:30pm – 6:00pm: Camp-wide welcome and group activities

6:00pm – 7:00pm: Campfire cookout (all food provided by MS student council)

7:00pm – 8:00pm: Campfire w/smores

8:00pm – 10:00pm: Call to quarters/Outdoor movie

8am: Breakfast (provided by MS student council)

9am: Students go home

Upon arrival, students will receive a schedule and directions. Prescription meds should be dropped off at this point also. It is very important that they read the provided sheet. This event will be fully chaperoned by the male teachers and assistance will be available during tent pitching and dinner. Dinner and breakfast will be provided. Options include hotdogs (meat and/or vegetarian), grilled perch, and a variety of “tin foil creations” (potatoes, veggies, etc). There will also be a PB & J backup plan. Breakfast will involve breakfast burritos, bagels/cream cheese, and juices. At least two chaperones will be on call at every point throughout the night. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. DeVoe at 898.5803 x302. or cdevoe@groton.cnyric.org. Please note - we will not tolerate any behavior outside the set schedule and rules. Please include contact information on the enclosed form so we may contact you at any point throughout the night if any intolerable behavior or emergencies arise.

Thank You,

The Middle School Teachers

Today after we took some notes we ventured outside to the newest addition of the nature area to do some sketches and observations. I saw some very talented individuals make amazing sketches. Tomorrow we will start our first lab.

05 September 2008

Event Info:

Insectapalooza 2008
Saturday October 25, 2008
Cornell University, Comstock Hall – Garden Avenue

Do you want to learn more about insects? Come and meet Entomology faculty& graduate students as well as some of our six and eight legged friends!


If you need any more info contact Shawna at sls68@cornell.edu

04 September 2008

What a great first day of school. I enjoyed hearing about stories from the summer and look forward to a great year of learning and goal-setting. If you are interested in the boy's camp-out please make sure you get your permission slip in. The campout is Friday 12 September. Above, KYLE S. gets acquainted with Roy and the girls hang out during lunch.