29 February 2008

Today was a big day in Rm 302. We studied the external and internal features of the Leopard Frog (Rana sp.). Above, TIFFANY and KYLEE show off their frog and ALEXIS and ZACH are hard at work on theirs. We will be discussing the lab on Monday and they will be due Tuesday. Make sure you do a nice job answering the questions as this will be the last grade of the 5 week period.

A group 5th period had the discovery of the day. Their frog had just eaten two extremely large beetles and the stomach took up most of the abdominal cavity. The above photos show the procedure and the last photo shows the stomach contents.

28 February 2008

Today we went over amphibians in preparation for tomorrow's frog dissection. Below are a couple of the cool websites that we reviewed today in class. Feel free to explore these sites for information on amphibians.

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3

27 February 2008

Today during S.O.S (The Sisterhood of Science...formerly "Tri-Sci")students began work on their solar ovens. Be sure to start bringing in corrugated cardboard sheets for the next step. We can store these in the back of the room.

26 February 2008

Over break Mr. Wiech (9th grade Earth Science) and myself snowshoed up Esther mtn in the Adirondacks (near Lake Placid). What a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature at the same time. Make sure you guys are taking advantage of Viola's after-school programs. I know she has offered snowshoeing and cross country skiing this winter.

19 February 2008

This past weekend, Generation - Z took part in Groton's Winterfest at the elementary school. We displayed 2 types of composting setups and gave away free Worms 'n Dirt. Thank you to all that stopped by to say hi and thanks to JUSTIN T. for helping out.

15 February 2008


Event for Middle School Girls March 29

On Saturday March 29, middle school girls from throughout the Ithaca area are invited to participate in "sister2sister2008". This is the eighth annual event and each has brought about 70 girls to the Women's Community Building in downtown Ithaca for a day of special activities designed for them.

Girls who participated in the past events reported that they had a lot of fun while they were doing the interesting and inspirational activities. This year's sister2sister theme is "Girls Growing Up Green". It will run from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

After hearing a presentation by biologist and author Sandra Steingraber: "Living Downstream-Saving the Environment, Saving Ourselves", high school age girls will guide the middle school girls as they rotate to several small group activities. Local professionals orient the high school mentors for their role.

There will be a lunch break and the "Love Your Body Fair". It will feature such things
as hair braiding, massage, face-painting and information on healthy lifestyles. Afterwards, more small group and large group activities are planned on the theme including
re-fashioning t-shirts.

The American Association of University Women and the Women's Community Building with numerous community organizations sponsor this program that features "enjoyment, education and empowerment" for girls. Other partners include Family and Children's Service, Tompkins County Solid Waste, SewGreen, Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell Family Life Development Center, Ithaca College (Women's Studies, Theatre Arts, and Megaphone Media), and the Triad Foundation.

Girls and parents who are interested in the program and how to register can check with their school guidance office. Information is also available at the Women's Community Building, on the web site www.s2sithaca.org, by calling 280-4380, or emailing s2sithaca@yahoo.com. Registration forms and a $5.00 fee are encouraged by March 24. Fee waivers can be requested.

Adults can also contact the sister2sister organizing committee to volunteer to become involved or to offer financial support of the program. A free morning segment for adults (parents, teachers, counselors, friends) will also be offered. No registration is needed for this component.

12 February 2008

SAM K. takes a break from her Earthworm dissection. Today we studied the external and internal anatomy of the common European Earthworm. Nice job everyone.

08 February 2008

This week marked the first full week of composting in Groton Elementary School. They saved 119.2lbs from going to a landfill. Our school saved 121.4lbs. About 240lbs combined for a 4 day week is amazing!! We should all be very proud of ourselves. We're doing something that very few schools in the country are doing...and we're doing it well. Have a great weekend and don't forget to compost at home.

06 February 2008

The Mollusca phylum was the topic of study today and that means: Clambake! KYLE B. poses for a quick picture before he digs into his new bivalve friend.

04 February 2008

Today we examined the Hydra and Planaria in the lab. These are very simple animals. However, they are much more complex than a sea sponge. These will be due on Wednesday and will be the first big grade of the quarter. Please remember to include your summary paragraph on the back about the flatworm (planaria) we looked at.