28 September 2009

Last year, Google's Project 10^100 invited the world to submit ideas to help as many people as possible. They received over 154,000 submissions, which they narrowed down to their favorites.

Now, you're invited to view the ideas and vote for the ones you think will help the most people.

They will use your votes to identify the best ideas for further consideration, and they've committed $10 million to make up to 5 of them happen.

Hurry, voting ends October 8, 2009.

Check out the great ideas here and be sure to vote for your favorite.

27 September 2009

*The Bizarre & Wonderful World of Insects!*

Cornell University’s Department of Entomology will host “Insectapalooza
2009” on Saturday, October 3 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Comstock Hall on
the Cornell campus. Come visit the legendary Arthropod Zoo and this
year’s Live Butterfly House. Tour through the world famous Cornell
Insect Collection and see samples of more than 5,000,000 preserved
specimens. Learn about mutations in insects, how insects impact human
and animal health, invasive species, genetically modified organisms and
biological control. Meet the Entomology faculty, students and staff who
study insects in order to find better ways to protect our food, health
and biodiversity. This is a fun event for all ages and there is no cost
for admission.

25 September 2009

This year in 7th grade we will be sponsoring a less fortunate child from Africa. Today we watched "The Miniature Earth" to get a better idea of the hardships many people in the world face. The clip we watched in class is located here: http://www.miniature-earth.com/me_english.htm

Remember, if you are interested in helping out you can leave your loose change in the container in Mr. DeVoe's room. If ever 7th grader chips in 30 cents a month we can make a huge difference in a child's life and give them basic health care, access to clean water and food, and education.

Click here for more information on Zambia.

24 September 2009

In class today we watched the amazing film, "Cosmic Voyage". 2nd period had some interuptions with pictures being taken so here is the full-length video in case anyone wants to see the segments they missed:

22 September 2009

My highschool class is currently studying forestry. Today we cut up some "beaver cookies" to study tree rings. We started out the old-fashioned way but soon had to revert to the chainsaw to finish up. Above, Mr. Stegeland and Donovan give it a shot while Jesse looks on. Thanks to Groton resident, Mr. Billups, for donating the Norway Spruce log. Here is a short video:

21 September 2009

Today we reviewed metric measurement and collected the slug lab write-ups. We will be having a test Wednesday on measurement and the scientific method. Please stop by if you need help with anything. Tomorrow in class we will review for the test.

17 September 2009

Today we checked the results of our slug labs. Yesterday's featured group learned that their slug preferred plain lettuce over coffee-flavored lettuce. Did anyone else run this same experiment? What did you get? These lab writeups will be due Monday. They will be worth quite a bit so make sure you fill all of the lines with your answers.
That's right Kenny! These may also be submitted via email.

16 September 2009

Today we conducted our slug experiments to investigate the common garden slug's feeding preferences. Above, members of 2nd period take samples of various produce. Below, ALEXIS, CURTIS, and RYAN try to determine whether or not slugs are influenced by coffee flavoring. Tomorrow we will analyze the results and begin our lab write-ups. I saw some great experiments today and hopefully the creativity will carry through the year.

15 September 2009

Slug Mating Dance

I found these two guys in midst of a mating dance this evening while looking for more slugs for tomorrow's lab.  They circled continuously on a bed of mucus....Mmmm.

School Garden

Today a couple students helped Viola and myself pick veggies from the
school garden. The cafeteria uses them for lunches and the composted
food scraps make their way back into the garden to enrich the soil.
Today we started Slugfest 2009 by researching information about slugs and making detailed observations about their physical characteristics as well as their behavior. Tomorrow we will be setting up experiments to test an aspect of their feeding preferences and/or behavior. We will set up a good experiment by testing only one variable at a time.
Check back tomorrow for photos of the experiments. Click here for the wiki page on slugs. I've also added the lab writeup to the sidebar in case you need an extra.

14 September 2009

Tompkins County had their first fatality (death) as a result of the H1N1 flu strain. A 20 year old Cornell student died last week at Cayuga Medical Center. The flu actually kills millions of people each year, mostly elderly and young children. This flu strain is scary because it seems to be hitting early in the season and affects people of all ages. At 20 years old, people are usually at peak health and to my knowledge this student was a healthy individual. Experts believe that H1N1 will hit the schools (like Groton) in another 2-3 weeks!! So what can we do??

1. Check this website for more information to educate yourself.

2. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

3. Avoid touching railings, door knobs, and other things that get touched frequently.

4. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose with your hands.

5. Some people are considering getting a vaccine. That is up to you.

09 September 2009


Today we got outside to enjoy the weather while we did an observation
activity in the nature area. Here, members of 3rd period walk the

08 September 2009

Welcome Back

It was great to meet the new 7th graders today as well as seeing all
of the former 7th grade. Here is a shot of my 5th period class. Make
sure you get your sheets signed for your first homework grade. Also,
feel free to leave a comment about how your first day went. Are you
excited for a fresh new school year? How does the school look? See
everyone tomorrow.