08 September 2009

Welcome Back

It was great to meet the new 7th graders today as well as seeing all
of the former 7th grade. Here is a shot of my 5th period class. Make
sure you get your sheets signed for your first homework grade. Also,
feel free to leave a comment about how your first day went. Are you
excited for a fresh new school year? How does the school look? See
everyone tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love school.

Steph said...

Wow! It seems like yesterday when I was in 7th grade! Now I am a sophmore. Thought I would pop in and say hi! Wish you a successful year Mr. DeVoe!

Mr. DeVoe said...

Best of luck this year. I thought of you while I was at the state fair last weekend.

Savannah W. said...

hey there is me...Science is awesome!

johanna k said...

science is so fun lol its more layed back so we have time to relax a little bit lol!!