24 June 2008

We started the year composting in the middle/high school building but in January the elementary school jumped on board. For school year 2007-2008 Groton Central School has composted nearly 7,500 pounds of cafeteria scraps. The composting process take place behind the school, thus further saving energy by eliminating the need to transport it off site. Thanks to everyone involved in making Groton a model school for environmental stewardship.

16 June 2008

Less than one week left! Today we learned about the different biomes that exist around the globe and also talked about some environmental issues. Remember, the final exam is on Friday. Make sure you study up!

12 June 2008

Today Mr. D'Antonio's 5th graders came up to check out our composting and gardening programs. Many of his students are involved in the collection process at the elementary school. Way to go guys! Together we're making Groton a little greener.

11 June 2008

Today we had a scavenger hunt in the nature area. Students searched for producers, consumers, and decomposers as well as constructing a food web of our area.

In other news, today marked the first harvest for the school garden, "Crops-in-Groton". In today's lunch line, our home-grown Romaine Lettuce was featured in the salad bar. Come September, we will have a variety of crops including broccoli, summer squash, beans, and carrots.

09 June 2008

Wow...way too hot to stay in the classroom today. Instead, we ventured out into the Outdoor Classroom to start our chapter on Ecology. We read a segment from "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert and wrote a creative obituary for a dead tree. Below: the wild phlox are in full bloom in our nature area and along the roadsides.
Congratulations to all of last week's winners in the annual GCS fishing contest. Mr Filzen and I also got out on Cayuga Lake to do some perch fishing.

04 June 2008

BLAST FROM THE PAST. High schoolers, EMMA, SARAH, KATIE, and BRITTANY attended the recent outing club field trip to Watkins Glen. The outing club, run by Mr. Weich, is a great way to get outside to see the best things NY state has to offer. Make sure you take advantage of all the excellent activities that our high school offers once you get into 9th grade. If you would like to support the outing club and high school science club you can attend the Italian Dinner Saturday from 5-7:30pm in the high school cafeteria before enjoying the art show.