11 June 2008

Today we had a scavenger hunt in the nature area. Students searched for producers, consumers, and decomposers as well as constructing a food web of our area.

In other news, today marked the first harvest for the school garden, "Crops-in-Groton". In today's lunch line, our home-grown Romaine Lettuce was featured in the salad bar. Come September, we will have a variety of crops including broccoli, summer squash, beans, and carrots.


Ms. B. said...

How incredibly neat it that? I wish I'd known. I would have bought a salad. Thanks for giving us such wonderfully good food!

Anonymous said...

Are people going to come to the school throughout the summer and tend the garden?

Mr. DeVoe said...

Yes, there is a summer work group of middle and high school students that will tend the garden and maintain the nature trails. Everything will be lookin' good when we return in September.