09 June 2008

Wow...way too hot to stay in the classroom today. Instead, we ventured out into the Outdoor Classroom to start our chapter on Ecology. We read a segment from "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert and wrote a creative obituary for a dead tree. Below: the wild phlox are in full bloom in our nature area and along the roadsides.


Anonymous said...

hey mr.devoe..i remember when we went outside lastyear twas very fun! :] Hope your composting clubs goin well!
~Erica S.

Anonymous said...

hey my sister is in here. (:

i love her. <33.

Anonymous said...

I wish everyday we could be in the outdoor classroom!

jenna zimer said...

hey mr. devoe... i am in that picture...... i miss your class but i am injoing mrs. hume

jenna zimmer