11 September 2008

I saw some great little scientists today during Slugfest 2008. I loved the use of creativity in setting up and carrying out an experiment to learn more about the feeding preferences of slugs. Here, TRISTIN and DAYMIN check out the specimens before class. Make sure you check out Cameron's podcast on the right.


Anonymous said...

Mr. D
I would like to take the time to thank you for your hard efforts. What you are doing as far as child development in the field of Science in our opinion is outstanding. I feel fortunate that Levi has had you in the past and now my daughter Peyton will have just as much fun if not more in the future months to come. Look forward to meeting with you at open house again.

All the best Jud and Trish Holl

Mr. DeVoe said...

Mr. and Mrs. Holl

Thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to this year. Let me know if I can be of any help throughout the year.

Ms. B. said...

Stopped by to see what my fellow teacher and inspirater (you think that's a word?!?) is doing. I love reading from parents who understand that importance of learning and teachers. Mr. Devoe is one of a kind and I'm lucky to be on the same floor teaching with.

On a funnier note: did you make it through the night without the alarm going off?????

Anonymous said...

frankily mr.devoe, i think thats a freaky picture, somebody skullkin around ur class at a time that looks like night (shiver) creepy keep ur door locked mr.devoe, oh and i loved the slug lab!