29 October 2008

This is the 400th post on Grotonsciencegeek. Thanks to everyone that has viewed and left comment over the past 3 years. Today we spent in the lab looking at pond water under the microscopes. TYLER and BEN get a good look through one of our brand new microscopes that Groton received late last year through a grant. The second picture shows a dragonfly nymph that was found by SHYASIA D.
Today we also did the final preparations for our trout tank. We will be receiving about 100 Brown Trout eggs on Friday to raise and release into the Owasco lake watershed. Here, REID B. and KELLY B. do a pH test to make sure the trout have a safe transition. Ongoing coverage from ours and other schools can be found here.


Ms. B. said...

Sure are bigger and better than what we used in high school. Ours were about 12 inches high, back in the day.

My daughter is also doing the brown trout at Boynton Middle School.

jfilzen said...

Mr. DeVoe,
Thanks for showing me the trout alvein (?). It was cool to see the blood cells pumping through the arteries. Mr. Filzen