03 March 2008

Friday night several 7th and 8th grade members of SOS traveled to Cornell University to work with their wide variety of electron microscopes. One microscope was worth $3 Million and the other was one of only 3 such microscopes IN THE WORLD. We were extremely lucky to have this opportunity. We saw images of tobacco mosaic virus, silicone atoms, insects and learned how scientists prepare specimens before being put into the machines. At one point we viewed images that were magnified 14,000 times. Our light microscopes in the lab magnify 400 times. Lots of the research in this lab focuses on making computers faster. We even ate dinner in the room Bill Gates eats in when he visits Cornell. Special thanks to Hannah's dad, Mr. Grazul, and his lab for allowing us to go through. Also, special thanks to the Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center for organizing and providing dinner.


STEPH checks out the tobacco mosaic virus.

DAPHNE, LIZ, and ASHLEY learn some cool facts about the lab from John Grazul and Fern shows them how to prep a sample.


Ms. Bassette said...

I think we are soooooooo lucky here at Groton to have Mrs. Hume and Mr. Devoe to do the science club for girls. Look at what you have been able to do with it! Amazing. We all know I'm only a science person on pizza days, but I do think it's wonderful all the science they're able to bring to Groton!

Anonymous said...

Good thing the trip was not planned for today!

We would have missed it. :(

Instead, I get to play Halo all day! :)

Anonymous said...

Halo-3 I mean.. Halo-1 is probably the game Mr. Diveo still plays

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was a really fun trip! I'm sort of disappointed that I didn't go, but I'm sort of glad that I did. We were really busy packing for our trip to Saratoga the next day!


Anonymous said...

ugh i look really bad in my pics+i was hyper so thast really didn't help. overall great trip!

Angry Monkey ^.^ said...

I missed that!!!! My buddies look happy in those pics. though! Also, I know Mr.Grazul and he's a good cook ^.^