29 May 2008

Today we continued our chapter on evolution by looking at the evidence for evolution. For part of class we examined several ancient homonid skulls that Cornell was generous enough to let us borrow.


Anonymous said...

Ummm How Can u teach Evolution as a fact?

Mr. DeVoe said...

Well it's as much of a fact as gravity is a fact. Darwins theory of natural selection describes how evolution works much like Einstein's theory explains gravity.

Ms. B. said...

Mr. Devoe, I don't envy you.

Your curriculum is so much more controversial than, say, mine, English. I admire that you teach what is in the scientific world, the knowledge that we know now.

It has been gathered through years and years of research, which is what science is all about. Thank you for being a person willing to teach what is, and not what some would like.

Anonymous, I like that you can be polite with your question. It sounds like your belief is perhaps different than Mr. Devoe's research and facts, but it's important to remember that this is a public school, a school with many people with many beliefs.

Our job as teachers is to teach, to open the doors of knowledge to all. The job of students is to take in what they can and then think and decide on what is different than what they have known.

Our goal, then, as educators is to educate and to give you the means to make your own decisions based on knowledge, your experiences and your beliefs. It can be a monumental task for all concerned.

Your belief might not be another's beliefs. That is why beliefs are left to be taught in the home or church. Those beliefs and the knowledge combined give you the tools for deciding how you want to live your life.

But, please do keep in mind: many people have many beliefs.

Mr. Devoe's job as a scientist is to bring in what has been determined to be knowledge. Your job is to listen...and decide for yourself...and to not stop others from listening,deciding and having access to the same knowledge.

I appreciate people who are honest, respectful and open to listening. That is how we learn and grow. Keep writing. And, someday, give your name too. Then, we can truly have conversations. Not to change each other, but to understand eachother.

I try very hard to respect people's beliefs. But, I want people to respect our knowledge too. Public education can only teach from knowledge, not beliefs.

Your beliefs are strong. Good. Many times our beliefs keep us when we most need them. I want you to have what you need; but, just as importantly, I want all to have that same opportunity to have what they most need.

In the public education forum that is, and can only be, knowledge, not beliefs.

Cheyenne said...

I liked the skulls

Anonymous said...

Heh heh they were smarter then Alan lol I enjoyed this last year...wow

Anonymous said...

Hey Slugs Are Yummyy