30 July 2008

What have I been doing this summer??? Not updating this blog, obviously. I hope everyone is enjoying their time off but also finding time to keep their minds busy. Here's a taste of what I've been up to...

Here, Mr. Giroux and Mr. Wiech examine the new trail that the Generation - Z summer work group have been working on.

I've managed to get a little hiking in...these are from Chimney Mtn in the Adirondacks. Koda had to be carried in a couple sections.

A little fire poi...         photo credit Sam Malone

Roy got a chance to make new friends.

Looking forward to the year to come. We've got lots of great new technology and I spent all summer learning new tricks.


anonymous =7 said...

cute. my cat looks like that =7 (that is the new way to make a smiley, using a "7")

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaw roy is soooo cute watsthe cats name?


Mr. DeVoe said...

That there is Ellie...and we just got a new kitten, Darwin.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! kittens r sooo cute


Cassie said...

awwwww what a cute cat and bunny

my grandmas cat looks like that!

but his name is Mack. we found him in a dumpster and my grandma took him in to the vet and named him Mack after the vet! :-)

=) Cassie =)