11 February 2009

Happy Darwin Week!

Today's class was devoted to Charles Darwin's 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his "Origin of Species", a book that sent a tidal wave through the human understanding of how life fits together on this marvelous planet. We have to give Darwin enormous credit for standing up to popular misconceptions of his time due to the extreme pressure to do otherwise. Here are a couple great resources to learn more about Darwin and his theory of Natural Selection to explain how evolution works.

Great videos from PBS's series on evolution
Evolution 101
Tree of Life Project

Happy Birthday Chuck!


Anonymous said...

Why do science geeks always refer to Charles Darwin as "Chuck"?

Anonymous said...

Evolution is supposed to be taught as theory...not (presented with the power of influence and persuasion...taught and encouraged) as "fact".

Mr. DeVoe said...

I teach it as the scientific community wishes I taught it. The theory is natural selection, which explains the workings of evolution - a fact supported by heaps of evidence.