08 December 2009

Erin Marteal was in today to show us a brief overview of plant propagation, which is a way to reproduce plants asexually. She brought in a cool variety of plants and we actually got to practice rooting new plants.
Step one: Sarah loads up on the root-starting soil.
Step two: Select yor favorite varieties.
Step three: Sam shows off his new plant. Kodie C. even did a cool experiement where he used a root-growing hormone powder for the plants in one cup and the other cup he rooted normally (the control). We'll see how that works in a couple weeks.

Thank you Erin!


Anonymous said...

I want to learn how to grow rice

Ms. B. said...

I am bummed that I didn't get in there that day, Mr. Devoe. I totally forgot and then remembered that night or next day.

Are they in your room still? I'll be over to look....and without Benny. So sorry Benny was varmint hunting in your room. The bunny came back and Benny was soooooooooo happy, but I bet the bunny lost a few months off its life from fear!

Erin M said...

Very cool blog! And it was my pleasure to talk plants with such an intelligent group of students. How are the plants doing? How did the experiment with rooting hormone go? Are you working on the orchard? Do tell!

Mr. DeVoe said...

Hi Erin,

I actually transplanted a couple of your plants just today into a new windowsill planter. The school garden is looking great! We got the hoop house installed and converted the garden into raised beds. Hope you're well..