10 February 2010

Wow....I found an amazing article on National Geographic today about flower pollen. It is pretty fascinating stuff and fits in perfectly since we discussed flowering plants today (angiosperms). They've included some pretty cool scanning electron micrograph picturesas well. Be sure to check out the whole article. This picture shows pollen on a geranium.

"Then one day more than 375 million years ago, it happened. One lineage of plants evolved pollen grains and seeds, and from then on nothing was the same. Let's not mince words. Pollen is plant sperm—two individuals per grain—surrounded by a single, often golden, wall that offers both protection and chariot. If the tension in the long story of plants was the distance between lovers, pollen was what would bring them together, over feet or even across continents. It was an evolutionary trick that transformed the world."

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Cayuga Lake
There are anglers getting out on the north end from the State Park, with reports of 5 inches of ice on the channel. A lot of perch are being caught but mostly small fish and good numbers of chain pickerel are also being caught. A few trout and salmon are being caught at AES, but overall it's been slow shore fishing.