15 December 2011

Introducing...Senior Projects

Today I'm thrilled to announce the beginning of our work on Senior Projects. Pick a topic you are passionate about... it can stem from a problem right here at GCS or could be global in nature. It could relate to science but it doesn't have to. Use interviews, technology, fundraising, video, presentations, boycotts, campaigns, surveys, etc. to learn, educate others, and address the problem. Document your progress over the next two-three years and during your senior year, you will be given a venue to present or display your culminating project. You should also create a tab in your ePortfolio for this endeavor. Don't forget to use experts around you...GCS, SUNY Cortland, Cornell, Ithaca College, etc.

Some resources to get you started:


...and be sure to check out the girl at the bottom of this site. She sums it up nicely!

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