19 October 2006

Today after our taxonomy quiz we discussed a contest we are entering through the Ithaca science center. All students will receive a free family pass and each of the 15 area finalists will receive a $15 gift certificate for the gift shop. We will be in the library Tuesday to research a life science topic of our choice to write up for a 60 second radio broadcast. More details and past winners can be found here.Rules are as follows:

* The typed report is due 30 October 2006.
* Make the message 60 seconds long (around 150 words).
* Include your name, title of script, home or school address, grade, teacher, and school name.
* You can send in as many scripts as you like.
* Submissions become the property of the Sciencenter.
* Winning scripts will be posted on the Sciencenter web site. Only the first name, grade, and school district of winners will be posted.

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Kaitlynn said...

ha ha. No one commented this one Mr. DeVoe, Cause IT S SOO BORING....