04 November 2006

The Best Band In The World.

Sigur rós performing "Olsen Olsen" live in Reykjavík, Iceland November 2005. Complete concert found here.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Cold Play fan, but I could see how Sigur ros could be a very close second...in short, you're right, they rock. Huge.

Laurie Hilsinger (Kaitlynn H's stepmom)

Mr. DeVoe said...


Coldplay is definitely good. In fact, this is Chis Martin's favorite band. He even made sure they were playing when he and Gwenyth Paltrow had their first baby.

Kaitlynn said...

Awesome. I love that band too. My stepmom listens to some pretty good music.... Ha Ha.

Mr. DeVoe said...


Glad you like them. They're deinitely not one of thse bands you'll hear on the radio.

Kaitlynn said...

I think my stepmom has one of the cd's? I'm not sure tho. What does that letter have to be about?

Kaitlynn said...

Mr. DeVoe,
I think I might be able to bring a cd of them in. If you want. Okey dokey. Let me know.