16 November 2006

Cell Model Project

Background: Too often cells are portrayed as two dimensional, flat objects on a paper, but really they are three dimensional, flexible units.

Procedure: For this project you will build your very own 3-D model of a plant or animal cell. You can use any materials you like but it should not be too big, or small enough to sacrifice detail. Please just use things around your house. There is no need to go out and drop $20 on materials.

Requirements: For your project you need to include and label all of the organelles listed below. They should be large enough to see. You also need to include a sheet with your organelles listed and write each of their functions next to them.

Tips: Use pages 68-75 in your books for help in labeling and constructing. The internet will also be helpful.

Due Date: The cell model along with the cell sheet will be due Tuesday, 28 November. That’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving break. This will be worth 100 points

Make Sure You State Whether You Are Doing A Plant Or Animal Cell


Nucleus                              Nucleolus
Cell Membrane                 Ribosomes
Cell Wall (plant only)       Golgi Complex
Endoplasmic Reticulum   Lysosomes (animal only)
Chloroplast (plant only)   Vacuoles

Here are links for plant cell and animal cell diagrams.  To find more run a Google image search for "plant cell" and "animal cell"
Here is another good resource - This page has an organelle list with functions.


Anonymous said...

you put alotta time into this blog dont u!?

Kaitlynn said...

Thanks. The first home game is in like teo weks or so. so you better make it. c u at the game. BIG BIRD

Anonymous said...

hey mr.devo

why do we have to do this cell project?

i think that should be extra credit

~ Sierra Keller

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the one that said i hate this was me Sierra Keller!!!

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Mr. DeVoe said...

We're doing cells because I like to get all of the (to some people) somewhat boring stuff out of the way before we get into all of the cool stuff 2nd 1/2 of the year. I hope some of you had a little fun doing the cell projects.