07 December 2006

These boys are in the middle of pouring corn syrup onto their eggs. So what do you guys think will happen to our bulging eggs after submerging them into the syrup for 24 hrs? Remember we've been talking about diffusion: the movement of particles from a high concentration to low.

Today we also finished the Jane Goodall IMAX film on chimpanzees and her committment to educate people around the world of their dire status. She is an amazing human being who has done a lot to conserve our closest living relatives. More Jane Goodall clips can be viewed here and here.

Learn more about Jane's Roots and Shoots program.


Anonymous said...

quin,keegan are my bestest friends :]

-Danielle Simpson

Stephanie said...

Cool little links. i really liked the short clips Mr. Devoe.

Anonymous said...

I see the back of keegans head