15 April 2008

Tonight at 8 and 10pm "Rot-in-Groton" and "Crops-in-Groton" will be featured on Newswatch 16.... or stream it at http://www.ictv.org. Tune in to see Mr. DeVoe embarrass himself.


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on being on TV, Mr. DeVoe! A job well done, and you deserve it : )

Andrea said...


thought you might like to check this out

Darwin's first draft goes online
Darwin in 1881 (Darwin, F. and Seward, A. C. eds. 1903 - Cam Uni)
Darwin's theory on evolution influenced many science disciplines

The first draft of a book which changed the world's attitude to evolution is available for the first time online.

Anonymous said...

you were on T.V Mr.DeVoe? Sorry I missed it!:(

Hillary said...

Mr. Devoe, who are you going to vote for?

Ms. Bassette said...

I missed you on tv?????

Could we get an interview for the newspaper? You are a celebrity!!