03 April 2008

We finished up the digestive/excretory system today and read one of my favorite books, "The Gas we pass". Next Wednesday we will have a quiz on the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. You may want to look through your notes and worksheets before then.


Ms. Bassette said...

The things we find when we visit a blog! Did I expect to see the backend of an elephant? Imagining it you-know-whating? Wow! Science is amazing!
Seriously, well, as much as I can be, I'm sure it was a very scientific book. Can't wait to discuss it over dinner.
(Am I being disrespectful? Hope not!)

~Jen said...

Today, 4/4/08, is the aniversary of Martin Luthar king Junior's death. he was killed at 6:01 pm tonight 30 years ago. If he was still alive, I'd want to meet him.

Anonymous said...

I remember you reading that book to us last year, Mr. Devoe! It was a little bit silly!