18 January 2009

This morning I woke to a female cardinal colliding with a window. Cardinals are notorious for this. I put her in a box and placed her inside for an hour. She got much better and starting flying around inside until I let her out a window. She was initially pretty bad, bleeding from the mouth, but now she should be ok.


rebecca b. said...

that was so nice of you Mr.Devoe.

Anonymous said...

that is soooo nice
something like that happened to my neighbors
they saw something hopping around in their garden so they went over and found a babyy red cardinal and they helped it by taking it to cornell because they didnt know what else to do because their cat wouldnt leave it alone {it kept trying to eat it}

jfilzen said...

...that's soooooooo niiiiiice of you Mr. DeVoe... (J.F.)