06 January 2009

Today we looked at how easily harmful bacteria can be spread. We had a fictional outbreak of a "bacteria" that was only visible under blacklight. Make sure you wash those hands!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds really cool, Mr. Devoe! Did the kids enjoy doing that in class?

Jeff said...

Chad, this is your second cousin here, Jeff Wills! I found your blog last year and saw from your profile how many things we have in common. You are doing great work in your chosen field. It is very inspiring!

Check out my blogs at adventuringon.blogspot.com and realityiswaiting.blogspot.com

Take Care (and say hi to the parental units for me),

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Devoe i make my owner of me wash me every day. Thanks for telling my owner.


Mr. DeVoe said...


I'm glad you're getting washed regularly now and that your owner cares so much about you!