12 March 2009

I first heard of the local infestation last month, but today's Ithaca Journal has an article highlighting an unfortunate spread of hemlock woolly adelgid. This is a small insect that kills the beautiful hemlock trees that line the local gorges and woods. Some of you may even have these trees right behind your house. Not only are they beautiful trees but they are a very important food source for many local animals. Cornell is looking for volunteers to go out and search for this so we can help stop it's spread.

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is an aphid-like insect that covers itself in a fluffy white cottony wax and feeds on the sap at the base of the Hemlock's needles. This takes the nutrients from the plant and causes the needles to yellow and drop, branches to die, and eventually the tree dies in four to 10 years.

Educate Yourself.
Report any sign of woolly adelgid

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