11 March 2009

Since we're learning about birds, we might as well dissect owl pellets. At $3 a pellet, you wouldn't think owl puke would be so pricey! It was, however, worth it as we found skeletons from several different unfortunate mammal species. One point to note. Just because rodents are smaller than other mammals does NOT mean they have fewer bones...the bones are just tinier. Here is a link to the site containing cool videos of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba).

Update! Click here for amazing webcam video of Barn Owls from Cornell's Lab of Ornithology. If it's a live webcam you thirst for...click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Devoe. Cool photo of the owl pellet. I won't be able to help with compost today because I am home sick. I hope I'll be better tomorrow. See you then!

Anonymous said...

that was fun i ealy enjoyed that

Anonymous said...

I wish I could've been there. I went home sick. :( Almost 2 days ago I was talking about how much fun this would be. :) Great pictures. I hope everyone learned a lot! Keep up the great work Mr. Devoe! :):):):) Cali

Mr. DeVoe said...


Come see me about making it up sometime...maybe during Rec if you'd like.