28 January 2010

Today Bill was in to do this month's brown trout lesson. The above shows a food chain. We have a sample of algae on the right and one of the brown trout on the left. In the middle we are missing an important link in the chain that eats the algae but acts as a food source for trout; the Daphnia, or "water flea." We fed daphnia to our trout to see if they would recognize it as a food source because up until now they have just been feeding on fish food. We concluded that these fish instinctually fed on these prey even though they had never encountered them before.
Curtis Observes his hungry brown trout.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe,
I did not get a chance to say btye to everyone. How was ur trip?
Hope your doing well.
Miss you guys.
P.S. I did move to Lansing school. I dont like it as muc, i believe im just not used to it yet.
-Kassidy Hilsinger

Mr. DeVoe said...

Hi Kassidy...

The trip was the hardest thing I've ever done but the most rewarding at the same time. I was glad to keep in touch with your class last year. I hope things improve over there. Make sure you're putting in your best effort.

-Mr. DeVoe