22 March 2010

I told you guys! Tonight was the first big warm spring rain, which
subsequentially triggered the first major salamander migration to area
ponds and wetlands. This beautiful yellow-spotted salamander showed up
on my back porch tonight. He was pretty lethargic but once he warmed
up in my hand, I sent it on it's way. Did anyone else witness any salamanders tonight?


Anonymous said...

lots of worms were in my driveway

kevin said...

it is november and i just found one in back yard.. very lathergic..i set him up a 10 gallon tank with soil and gravel with water...i had an injuried fly that would crawl..it crawled over the head of the salamander and he didn't move..he looks kinda fat so i figured i would get him some worms tomorow.. he has burrowed into the soil..we'll see where it goes from here