10 March 2010

Today, Bill Foster (along with Mr. Giroux) came in to teach us a little about what trout eat in the wild and what ours will once we let them loose into Owasco Inlet. Above, 10th grader Aaron McNeil helps Brittany put the finishing touches on her caddisfly larvae. Aaron is a very skilled tyer, as you can see from his collection above, and helps teach a fly tying class at the Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Ext. in Ithaca that Trout Unlimited puts on each winter.

Mr. Giroux showed off his skills as well. With retirement on the horizon, he should have plenty of time to devote to this great hobby.
Finally, we tried "fishing" with some of the hand-tied flies in our trout tank...without the hooks of course. They seemed to like them!

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Anonymous said...

that is so cool i love doing that