27 April 2010

I am so pleased with the variety of science night projects that you guys are working on. I realize that 2nd period is getting the short end of the stick due to the state exams but please feel free to come in during rec to use the laptops and work on your posters.

Many of you have chosen topics relating to the environment and nature. Here is a pretty depressing issue: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is an area in the Pacific Ocean where our garbage (mostly plastics) has accumulated. This is a picture of a dead albatross that died as a result of eating this waste. This is a great reminder to recycle as much garbage as you can.

Here is a picture of a turtle that got caught in a plastic soda bottle ring while it was young and developed with it stuck in place.


Miss Coffey said...

These are so incredibly disturbing and sad. If everyone could see these, I can't imagine how people could still litter into our oceans and forests.

Chloee said...

That's sad...:(

Mr. DeVoe said...

I agree Chloee...thanks for commenting.