20 April 2010

Today after school, Cross and Josh stayed after to help update our student farm. We're in the process of putting in raised beds after the amazing fence replacement from last weekend's Groton Make a Difference Day! The boys built a few of the boxes using rot-resistant wood that was donated by Mr. Perosio. Mr. Wiech and Mr. Hsu helped out as well.
New "Master Gardener" member, Courtney Coffey, helps shovel GCS compost into the garden beds. This is what your lunches look like after six months of decomposition. A healthy garden has a good mixture of soil and organic matter such as compost and/or manure.
The garden is looking great. In the end, we will have twenty-one 10' x 5' raised beds devoted to fruits and vegetables for our school cafeteria. Everyone is helping out, whether you build boxes like Cross and Josh or compost your lunch scraps in the cafeteria. We will start sowing seeds later this week.

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