31 January 2007

8th period today, there was a mad rush to sign up for birdwatching. 4th and 8th periods had first shot this time. 1st period will get first shot next round. Students have been very good at recording data on a daily basis. Tomorrow we will finish up our miniunit on plants and dive right into simple animals by the end of the week. Friday you'll get to meet my pet hydras. Planaria on Monday (if they survive the weekend).


erica said...

thats my class...whats up with the bird watchin thing anyway...? wut do u do jus watch birds?

Mr. DeVoe said...


We record which birds come to the feeder along with weather data. I think most people have fun watching and hanging out with their friends. Plus you get extra credit!

a l e n said...

It's kind of fun... Unless no birdies show up, it's REALLY boring. No offense, Mr. DeVoe!:)