26 January 2007

Friday night several Tri-Sci girls headed over to Cornell for a presentation from a world-reknowned forensic scientist who even testified in the OJ Simpson case. After dinner he gave an excellent slide show on several crime scenes he investigated.
Here, MIKAELA, ASHLYN, EMILY, and NICOLE watch the presentation.
8th graders CORINNE and AMBER calculate average diameter of simulated blood splatter from different heights.
EMILY, JAI, and ASHLYN shoot for accuracy.


Alen said...

I was just kidding about the dancing thing, Mr. DeVoe! :)

Mr. DeVoe said...

Haha...I know Alen. I thought it was really funny.

Jenna Vivian Shufelt said...

Hey! Mr. Devo How was the TRI-SCI
field trip? LOL I was so mad when I found out that I couldn't go. Wasn't your fault though, that was the only time you could have it. RIGHT? I hpoe you, and other kids had a TTLY good time.Well G2G BYE

Mr. DeVoe said...


It was very interesting! Don't worry though...there will be plenty of other tri-sci field trips to go on.

Jenna said...

I know
Thanks for writing back.

Anonymous said...

That field trip was so fun!!!!

Nicole W.

Ashy said...

That was a fun field trip I had lots of fun!! I thinl some of the slides were gross though But I think That would be a very cool job to have!! I think that might be one of my choices for my future!!