26 November 2008

I was hoping to have a class discussion on Thanksgiving and what it means to everyone but, of course, I have been out of school for an educational technology conference. What has come to bother me over the past several years are individuals that take too many things for granted...people that complain of being bored when there is so much beauty in the world, accomplishments to be made, and knowledge to attain. I applaud this year's 7th grade class. Not once have I heard "I hate this school" or "Groton is poor". This is a sign that the students appreciate our school and respect their surroundings. The students are polite and I would love to see more of these positive aspects. I have compiled a short list of 20 things that I try not to take for granted...all things that I feel truly lucky for.

My health
Working with the best teachers in the area
Supportive parents
Diversity in human beings
A warm night and a sky full of stars
Groton and the surrounding area
Nature and all that lives as a part of it
A supportive principal
People that care
People that are interesting
My five senses
Running water

If you find time, please comment to give your list. If you're too embarrassed, just post as anonymous or make a pen name (and tell me later). I'll give a couple extra credit points for participating (and checking the blog over break). Have a great Thanksgiving.

-Mr. DeVoe


Mr. D's Friend said...


Anonymous said...
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t-pach said...

well obviously i cant get extra credit but the things i most thankfull for are
.my guitar
.my house
.my land outside my house

Anonymous said...

my family
my house
my pets
a good book
twilight the book
my hair straitner
my phone
i cant think of anything else
-michaela dunham

Anonymous said...

.Earth's beauty
.People who love me
.My mom

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for:

- My dog and cats
- Technology
- A warm home
- My brother
- My parents
- My friends
- Clean air
- Clean water
- Freedom
- Modern medicine
- Being healthy with no disabilities
- A teacher that is going to give me extra credit because I did this

From Kyle C.

5th period (girl) said...

I am thankful for

-my pets
-my house
-my cell phone
-the earth
-the nighttime
-sports (cross country)
-mine and other's health
-a safe country
- and soooo much more! :)

Mr. DeVoe said...

These are great, guys! Anyone else want to join in?

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for:

~my home
~my pets/animals
~health care
~safe place to live
~the Earth and its beauty
~nice teachers

~first period~

becca b first period said...

.people who love me
.a bed to sleep on
.knowing people got my back
.a best friend who's ther to the end
thank you Mr.Devoe for putting this up because i think we all should take a moment to realize all the things that we take for granted that could be gone tomorrow i think it is nice to read peoples ideas about this because i now have realized what it means to lose on of these things. my aunt died 2 years ago. she was the closest to me and before she died she took me to disney. i didn't know what was going on at the time

Ms. B. said...

Look for some of these in the newspaper. With the holidays and wishful wishing for all things commercial, what a nice concept to keep in mind! Thanks.