14 November 2008

Today we looked at onion cells under high and low power. We learned that the cells can vary from 200 to around 1000 microns long. Our low power field of view held about 100 cells. Can you imagine how many cells must be on the average large pizza with onions?? Those rings are much thicker too. We were dealing with a film that was only one cell layer thick. Remember these labs are due Monday. Please do a nice job answering the questions.


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool photo! That's really interesting when you think about how many cells there are in one layer because there are many layers in one onion. Who knew that something that appears to be so simple could be so complex!

Hannah said...

I remember this from last year, it was fun...^^ we nearly broke the microscopes at times lol. Well here is my blog space

If you ever want to go I post poems and government stuff ex. on it... Well cheers ^^
Hannah G

Mr. Syracuse said...

What a fantastic picture! Who doesn't love using a microscope?!