19 November 2008

Today we're going to extend our study of cells by utilizing the laptop cart and internet. In your groups please run through the following exercises.

1. Click here. Select either the plant or animal cell. Go through each organelle and read the descriptions with your partner.

2. Check out this site. Read through the descriptions of each organelle and click the interactive buttons. Click the back button after each one and do the others.

3. Fill out this survey when you are completed with the above websites.

UPDATE: Check out the entries here.
I particularly liked Cameron and Paige's entry: "We learned that lysosomes look like cocoa puffs, everything looks cooler close up and the ribosomes look like popcorn. Not for real. We really learned that the golgi packages and distributes protiens to the other cell organaelles (awesomely). We also learned cytoplasm is the liquid inside the cell."

Here is some video from today's research.


Anonymous said...

cool websites they are awsome

Anonymous said...

my favorite is the phosolipidbilayer

Anonymous said...

i like cutting open cells!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can we bring in food from the garden to look at under the microscope... or some mush from the composter

tyler P said...

hey mr.devoe im in the library right now im suppost to be doing a project so i just saying hi

Anonymous said...

I am learning lots. I am ready for the TEST!